Today’s writing prompt is a difficult one for me, because nothing really makes me angry. I might get all fired up in a “debate” – aka drunken shouting match – about silly things like religion or politics, but mostly I am a happy person. I am lucky that I have a wonderful wife who loves me. I think that one thing that makes my life more fun than everyone else’s is that I know my wife loves. me.

And I am so grateful for that….but this post is not about how happy I am, it is about how angry I am.

So here is a quick list of things, on no order at all that I wrote down that annoy me:

  • People not being accountable for their actions
  • People abusing their power
  • Me not being able to understand why something is the way it is
  • People making other people feel uncomfortable.
  • People being mean to other people for no reason
  • Bad driving
    • sub category: people not wearing seatbelts
  • Stupid rules that do nothing useful and lead to people doing stupid things to get around the rule

One thing that does slightly annoy me is the idea that anyone who votes for a right of centre party is “Scum”. In the UK it is quite acceptable for teachers in staffrooms to just say that all Conservatives are scum. Now, there must be many conservative teachers, the conservatives just won an election. But to believe the unions the conservative party just wants to destroy education and hates everybody who is poor.

If we take that idea and tweak it slightly, then they might have a point. As I understand it, Conservatives hate people being poor. And we don’t really believe that giving people money for not working is the solution.

There was uproar when the last coalition government in the UK decided that the maximum that any one household in the UK should receive in benefits be capped at 27,000 pounds – that is around $40, 000 US. To take home that amount of money, a household might need to earn around $50, 000 before tax. That is insane. There are many people who work for a living and take home much less than that.

One view here is that stopping a family taking home more than 27,000 pounds is denying them a basic income. So everyone who supports it is “Scum”

Another view is to think: For one family to take home 27,000 pounds, how many other families have to work to pay their tax to support them? Isn’t the government that promotes that “Scum”

To me, the greater insult and bigger disgrace is that people who do work, have their money taken from them by the government and then some of it is given to people who do not/will not work. I cannot see how this is a good thing.

In terms of education, the Conservative party just seem to be making sure that people are leaving school having learnt things. Being a teacher, I am aware of the constant changing of everything. It is the way of things. Every new government thinks that they must do something about education, so the new Education Secretary comes in and mixes things up and everybody hates her.

But I digress, the point I am trying and failing to make is that I am not really angry about anything. And the worst I can think of is that everyone doesn’t agree with me.

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