The Sun came out today. When I got up at 6:30AM (and that was a lazy long lie in!) the sky was already blue, and the day was starting to warm up.

The Sun makes most days better. Everything looks better with a nice dollop of sunlight on it, with a lovely blue back ground to set it off.

Today, the Sun made me feel a little sad. You see, there are two kinds of days in Lima, Peru. There is the grey overcast hot humid days, and there are the bright sunny beautiful days. The bright days mean that summer is here, and that means that I am going to be leaving soon.

We have been here for four years. Teaching in the same school, but in separate sections. I understand that it is time to go. I understand that it is better to leave a place wanting to return, rather than hoping that it burns to the ground as you leave.

And I have had a wonderful time here. The job here has shown me that children can be excited about learning just for the sake of learning. And they can love science. and they can be polite and respectful. And colleagues don’t have to be people who moan all day long about everything.

Here we have found new friends from all over the world. Technology means that I can keep in contact with them in ways that I couldn’t imagine when I was a child.

I understand that I am going to be back in Ireland surrounded by people who love me and are interested in me enough to endlessly hand out advice about how they would do things differently from me. It will be nice to see them.

I worry that we are losing a lot by leaving here. We don’t have jobs. We have saved a little bit of money, enough to live off for a while, maybe a year. And we are having quite an adventure.
It still makes me sad to go.

But the last time I did this, it was the best decision of my life.

Let’s go!

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