The  last days of term are always difficult.

Last week we had the blind panic of making sure that every child had done every assessment and that every grade had been entered into the “system” so that we could create the report cards.

The report cards had comments on them about each child in each subject they learn. So, teaching half the school as I do, I had to write roughly a million report comments. These are so short, that it is difficult to say anything meaningful in them. But they are long enough so that I can make a million mistakes and have to change them all. Twice.

That is behind us now. The hectic pants on fire assess and record days are gone and we have around a week where there is nothing much that must be done. We have children who still need to be educated, but we have taught them all the things that we wanted them to learn this year, so thatwe could make that report card.

I am beginning to run out of things to do. The stationary cupboard is shut for inventory, so I can’t go and get a million pieces of coloured card and make some lovely posters.

I have the P3s doing the experiments that the P4s were doing last week, and the P4s doing…games where they pretend to be solids liquids and gases.

The P5s will be screaming their way through my dissection of a cow’s heart this afternoon.

Still, I was planning on making sure that everybody is actually doing something in my lessons, right up to the last day. It is too easy to start playing games that have no educational value, or to watch Shrek.

If we stop educating the children they get bored and start acting up. Keeping their minds active is the best solution to this problem.

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