We quit our lovely jobs in Peru. We gave our lovely apartment to our good friend Ed. We packed up all our stuff and shipped it home. We are home with nothing to do.

Except we have a million things to do. I got up “early” this morning (9:00AM) and thought that I would get everything done quickly and without fuss. I wrote a list, with check boxes, and we started on it.

It is amazing how time expands. We managed to buy some clothes and make a spreadsheet. Now, both of these are very important. They are to do with us trying to get a job somewhere in the world. Anywhere in the world. Well, maybe not anywhere. We might avoid Syria.

We are attending a job fair in London for international schools looking for international teachers. We have some experience, Fizdupita has a great CV covering all levels of Maths, and I have got experience with young and old kids, teaching them science. I like teaching Science.

I am told that schools like hiring couples. And I am told that maths and science are subjects that schools are looking for. And I am told that we are great teachers.

So fingers crossed, the time at the job fair will fly and we will come away with a job offer or two.


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