Fizdupita and I are in London. This his not where we can normally be found. At the moment we can normally be seen whizzing back and forth between Belfast and Donegal. Normally in a car full of flat pack furniture.


We got out of bed yesterday at very early o’clock and got on a plane from Belfast to London.

There is a large teachers jobs fair, run by Hundreds of teachers chasing jobs from around 200 schools all over the world.

This all takes place in a large hotel in Kensington. If you don’t know London, that is a pretty nice, sorry, I mean expensive part of town.

Today was pretty gruelling.. We got up at 7:00AM, after breakfast we headed out to the conference. It all kicked off at 8:30. The teachers were herded into the “candidate lounge” and suddenly released into rooms where the schools had set up their stalls and we could ask them if they wanted to interview us.

We were lucky and got a few intwrviews. Some I tee views are good. The interviewer asks good questions that you have answers too and they help you to sound your best.

Others are not so helpful. Or friendly. Some talk too much.

Anyway, now we wait…

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